3 Reasons Your ENT Doctor May Recommend a Tonsillectomy

doctor checking a child's tonsils

Has your child suffered from chronic throat infections, sleep apnea, or has difficulty with swallowing? Many parents wonder if a tonsillectomy is the next step. For some children, it brings much-needed relief and can drastically improve their quality of life.

Your Child's Healthy Tonsils

For most children, their healthy tonsils keep harmful viruses and bacteria from entering the body. Tonsils help activate immune system responses to fight off germs that could otherwise cause disease. Keeping healthy tonsils intact is always the best course of action.

When Your Child's Tonsils are No Longer Healthy

Problems arise when otherwise healthy tonsils start causing your child problems. In some cases, a tonsillectomy is a much better solution than allowing your child to continue suffering.

Some conditions that may justify a tonsillectomy include:

  1. Chronic throat infections — Recurring throat infections are the most frequent reason for scheduling a tonsillectomy. Children can suffer from swollen lymph nodes, fevers, and chronic pain. If the problem has been occurring for the previous three years and your child has had six to seven throat infections per year, your children's ear nose and throat doctor may recommend a tonsillectomy.
  2. Problems swallowing — Swollen tonsils can make it difficult for your child to swallow. Since they're located at the back of your child's throat, enlarged tonsils can interfere with normal swallowing, causing distress. For chronic swallowing difficulties, your children's ear nose and throat doctor may consider surgery to remove the tonsils.
  3. Problems sleeping — Enlarged tonsils can be the cause of sleep apnea—a condition that can become serious. When tonsils start interfering with restful sleep and daily activities, your children's ear nose and throat doctor may recommend remedying the situation with a tonsillectomy.

To find out if a tonsillectomy is right for your child, contact us at Southwest Idaho ENT today!