Preparing for Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

woman getting facial reconstruction

Many of the standard surgery rules and recommendations apply when it comes to reconstructive or plastic surgery. But facial surgery has a few additional instructions as well. Your surgeon will cover all the necessary information leading up to the surgery itself, but we’ve compiled this list of some of the most common instructions so you can have an idea ahead of time.

Talking with Your Surgeon

Your doctor needs all of the pertinent information in order to take care of you. Before surgery, be sure to keep them in the loop regarding things like medication changes. Additionally, don’t be afraid to ask any and all of your questions and be sure to address any concerns you have. This might be regarding pre- or post-surgery requests or issues related to your appearance. All of it is important to talk about.

Making Arrangements

You will receive instructions about aftercare, so it’s good to go over all of that with whoever is helping you after surgery. You’ll want to ensure you have transportation to and from the hospital and have someone you can call on if you need any assistance at home, preferably someone who is staying with you. Fill all your prescriptions ahead of time to avoid having to deal with that after surgery.

Taking Care of Paperwork

Before the day of your procedure, double check for all required documents, such as insurance card and paperwork, and have it ready to go. Before surgery, you will have plenty of paperwork to take care of, so be prepared for forms and signatures. See what you are able to do ahead of the procedure date.

The Night Before and Day Of

Ensure you have and follow all the provided instructions, including things like not eating or drinking after midnight and not smoking prior to your procedure. You’ll also be instructed to wash your face and hair beforehand.

On the day of surgery, don’t bring valuables like jewelry and don’t wear makeup. Ask any final questions you may have and be sure you understand all post-op instructions.

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