Boise Ear, Nose, and Throat: Swimmer's Ear

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As warm weather approaches and swimming suits begin to appear in every store, it is important to make sure that this summer's swimming is done with safety and health in mind. One challenge you might find yourself facing is swimmer's ear--so it's important to know the details.

Advice From ENT Doctors: Dry Mouth

ENT doctors can help with Dry month

Having dry mouth can be extremely uncomfortable, but the truth is that it can also lead to countless other medical conditions that may become serious. Luckily, our ENT Doctors know a thing or two about dry mouth.


Pediatric Otolaryngology: Sleep Apnea in Kids

Pediatric Otolaryngology and sleep apnea

Sleep is something crucial to every life, but for kids, sleep is especially important. Growing bodies and minds need plenty of rest to wake up the next morning healthy, happy, and ready to learn more about a little bit of everything. However, one huge sleep obstacle that some kids face is one that might be familiar to some parents, too: sleep apnea.

Drunk Driving or Allergic Driving: Which is Worse?

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It seems ridiculous to even ask whether allergic driving could be worse than, or anywhere near as bad as, drunk driving. After all, how could it be? Drinking is the number-one enemy of driving, and it's been that way in the public eye for years now. We've all grown up hearing the constant stream of horror stories on the news; we all know how dangerous it can be to get behind the wheel while drunk.

Pediatric Otolaryngology: Facial Injures in Kids

Pediatric Otolaryngology

How often do you think--really think--about your face? It's not just a sideways glance as you walk past the mirror; it's not how much time you put into makeup; it's not even about putting on sunscreen or medication (although those are pretty important). The truth is, we don't do a lot of deep thinking about our faces because our faces don't require that much of us. However, what happens when the face is injured? Suddenly the stakes are higher; it's a matter of teeth, of the nose, of eyes, of breathing, of proper brain function.

Ask our ENT Doctors: Asthma and Allergy Emergencies

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We all like to think that we're prepared for an emergency, but at the end of the day, that might not be true. After all, in an emergency situation--no matter the nature of the event--there will always be a lot of stress, a lot of unknown variables, and, of course, very high stakes. The truth is that most of us aren't ready to handle an emergency, whether it's a fire or dr. ed questionou homens e mulheres an allergy attack. What can we do to change this? The key is to be prepared.

Ear, Nose, and Throat: Your Voice

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How often do you think about your voice? For most of us, the voice is something we pay very little attention to, except when we get sick or when someone happens to record us talking (and we all know how strange that is). A voice is something we habitually overlook. We don't think about it. We don't exactly take care of it like we do with our minds and bodies.

Frequent Nosebleeds: Common or Chronic

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Nosebleeds are one of those things--many of us get them, but few of us know what actually causes them. Some children are frequently plagued while others go through their entire childhood with nary a drop of blood shed. So, what's the scoop?

Nose Anatomy

Before we look at some of the causes of a nose bleed, let's take a look at the anatomy of the nose.

Snoring and Sleep Apnea

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Do you remember watching cartoons when you were a child? Although we likely didn't appreciate it back then, cartoons worked hard to show that an action was taking place in an animated world. For example, how did we used to know that a cartoon character was sleeping? The action of "sleeping" was conveyed using those little Z's drifting upward--or, even more often, we were clued in by the sound of snoring. Why did snoring become a symbol for sleep?

Ear Pain on a Plane

Ear pain, loss, and flying

Your trip is planned. Your bags are packed, and you just found your seat on the flight to your dream destination. As you are flipping through one of the air-mall magazines and the plane starts to take off, you feel it. Your ears are popping, prickling. It's not bad now, but you know it's going to hurt during the descent. Does this scenario seem familiar? Unfortunately, for many people, a flight means more than air-mall magazines and bags of peanuts--ear pain on a plane is a common occurrence. Our Ear, Nose, and Throat doctors will explain why.