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3 Common Sinus Surgeries Performed by Your ENT Doctor

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Millions of people suffer from chronic sinus problems. When medication fails to provide more than short-term relief, surgery may be necessary. Your ENT doctor can perform both inpatient and outpatient surgical procedures for a variety of chronic sinus disorders.


Specialized Care from Your ENT Doctor

ENT Doctor

A problem with your ears, your nose, or your throat may begin with a visit to your family physician or urgent care center. If the problem turns out to be more than routine, you may be referred to an ENT doctor.

What is an ENT Doctor?

ENT doctor is the commonly used term for physicians specializing in diseases or disorders of the ears, nose, or throat. Otolaryngology is the field of specialty, and it's the longest-standing of the medical specialty professions in the United States.


Why is My Ear Ringing? Tinnitus Explained

ringing in ears from tinnitus

Most of us have experience tinnitus at one point or another. Tinnitus is a ringing in the ear that only the sufferer can hear. And while it may seem obvious that it is coming from the inner ear, the truth, is in fact, much more complex.

How to Recognize Vertigo in Children

Vertigo in Children

Having a child in pain can be heartbreaking to watch, even more so when they exhibit symptoms we may be unfamiliar with. Complaints of dizziness and nausea for short periods of time can be confusing, and we don’t think of children as having issues with vertigo.


Ask ENT Doctors: Your Sinuses and Sinus Headaches

Sinus Headache

We learn a lot of things throughout our lives. Going to school, reading books, watching informational television, and, sometimes, even surfing the Internet are all strong influences in our education. We learn science and history and English and math--but, outside of the classroom, when we don't even know we're learning, we are constantly picking up bits of information about life. One area in which we can all claim moderate expertise, even if we've never picked up a single textbook, is health.

How to Gain Relief from Chronic Sinusitis

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Anyone who has had a sinus infection can attest to its pain and the productivity it delays. Now imagine you were constantly having congestion, headaches, and sinus pain. Chronic sinusitis is when sinus cavities are inflamed for up to 12 weeks with no relief even after treatment attempts. A consultation with an ear, nose, and throat (ent) doctor can help you find a treatment for your symptoms.


4 Surgical Procedures That Can Treat Sleep Apnea

4 Ways To Treat Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder characterized by the continual interruption of breathing during sleep. A person with sleep apnea can stop breathing hundreds of times a night. Repeated interrupted breathing can lead to the brain lacking oxygen.

Sleep apnea can affect anyone, but males, those overweight, and people over 40 are more at risk. Speaking with an ear, nose, throat (ENT) doctor is the best way to diagnosis symptoms that may be due to sleep apnea.


Ask ENT Doctors: Tonsillitis

Ask and ear nost and throat doctor about tonsillitis

As human beings, our brains are wired to consider "worst case scenarios" all too often--especially when it comes to our health. A sore throat is one of the worst culprits, causing us to wonder if it's something more serious, like tonsillitis, which can require the infamous tonsillectomy.


Advice From ENT Doctors: Dry Mouth

ENT doctors can help with Dry month

Having dry mouth can be extremely uncomfortable, but the truth is that it can also lead to countless other medical conditions that may become serious. Luckily, our ENT Doctors know a thing or two about dry mouth.


Ear Pain on a Plane

Ear pain, loss, and flying

Your trip is planned. Your bags are packed, and you just found your seat on the flight to your dream destination. As you are flipping through one of the air-mall magazines and the plane starts to take off, you feel it. Your ears are popping, prickling. It's not bad now, but you know it's going to hurt during the descent. Does this scenario seem familiar? Unfortunately, for many people, a flight means more than air-mall magazines and bags of peanuts--ear pain on a plane is a common occurrence. Our Ear, Nose, and Throat doctors will explain why.