Cochlear Implants

man with Cochlear Implants

Southwest Idaho ENT’s audiologists are experts in hearing aid evaluations, fittings and maintenance. Unfortunately, some patients hearing loss is so severe that normal hearing aids will not work. For these patients, a cochlear implant may be an option.

At Southwest Idaho Ear, Nose, and Throat, Dr. Ryan Van De Graaff specializes in adult cochlear implants. He works closely with a team of audiologist from the Elk’s Hearing and Balance Center to provide this service to our patients.

Qualifying for a Cochlear Implant

Prior to becoming a candidate for an implant, patients undergo specific audiometric tests. If they qualify, they will then undergo a physician evaluation, balance testing, an inner ear CT scan and medical clearance for surgery. All implant patients are discussed at a monthly implant meeting to assure that each individual is handled appropriately.

Patients who qualify undergo surgical implantation. Generally, this is an outpatient surgery under general anesthesia and lasts approximately two hours. The implant is activated approximately three weeks after surgery. Implant recipients will then fine-tune their implants’ settings with an audiologist over several months or for up to a year.

To learn about our cochlear implants services, contact SWIENT.