Pediatric Ear, Nose, and Throat

child being treated at SWIENT

Most children with recurrent ear or throat infections are otherwise healthy kids. In many cases, a quick outpatient procedure can end months or years of repeated illness that require treatment with antibiotics.

Southwest Idaho ENT has decades of experience treating pediatric ear, nose and throat disease. For kids with complicated medical problems, our physicians are on staff at all the major medical centers in Boise, Meridian and Eagle to help facilitate hospital-based specialty treatment.

Less Hassle and Expense

Fortunately, most kids with routine tonsil and ear disease can be treated without the hassle and added expense that comes with hospital-based care. As Boise’s only specialty center for outpatient ENT treatment, we offer the convenience of immediate, online surgical scheduling to help meet the scheduling needs of busy families. Children who need a routine minor procedure to get back to normal health can, in many cases, directly schedule a date and time for treatment online immediately.

We are working with select primary care and pediatric specialists in the Treasure Valley to make your child’s road to better health as convenient and timely as possible. At SWIENT, we are committed to making kids healthy in a way that fits your schedule.

Fast-Tract System

If medical therapy is no longer effective, your doctor can help schedule your child immediately for the treatment they need. By working with select primary care and pediatric specialists, our physicians have developed the unique fast-tract system to allow rapid treatment of ear and tonsil disease. You can schedule both outpatient surgery and pre-surgical evaluations on the days that work best for you! Isn’t it time that your child’s health care needs can be met on your families schedule?

Fast-tract Tonsil and Ear Tube benefits include:

  • Easy Online scheduling
  • Short wait times—you choose the surgical date
  • ENT-only surgical center with specialty focus and expertise
  • Surgery at a fraction of the cost of hospital-based procedures