Should You See an Audiologist at the First Sign of Hearing Loss?


Should you visit an audiologist or ENT doctor when you're experiencing hearing loss or pain in your ears? Here's why a visit to your an ENT (ear, nose, and throat) doctor should be your first step.

What Sounds Can Contribute to Hearing Loss?

hearing loss

Hearing loss is a common issue for many Americans, but that doesn’t make it less concerning when it happens to you. Today’s ENT centers, and audiologists, in particular, can help you cope with and treat hearing loss. But they also can help you address issues you might be experiencing to help avoid hearing loss altogether.

Should You See an Audiologist or an ENT Doctor?


Should you see an audiologist or an ENT doctor for your hearing issue? There are definite differences between the two professions, and your treatment will depend on your condition and even what's causing it. Here's how to determine whom you should contact and what services they can provide.

Don't Wait Until It’s Too Late: 5 Ways to Protect Your Hearing

Protect Your Hearing

Protecting your hearing is all part of protecting your overall health. We have put together the top five to protect your hearing.  

1. Limit Your Exposure to Loud Noises

Environments with loud noises vary from pleasure to work. If you are working in a noisy area like a concert or work with tools such as lawnmowers you need to protect your ears with earbuds. Earbuds reduce harmful sound levels while allowing you to have a conversation.

Why You Should Teach Your Children About Q-Tip Safety

q-tip safety and audiology

For some reason, Q-tips are automatically associated with cleaning the ears. While there is a label on the packaging not to insert cotton swabs into the ear canal, many people regularly clean their ears with Q-tips. It’s important to teach your child from an early age how to use cotton swabs correctly. The ear canal is a sensitive part of the body and should not have foreign objects shoved in.

Do I Have an Ear Infection?

Ear nose and throat specialist - ear infection

One night you notice that you can only sleep on one side because your ear is red and in pain. You may also sense a loss of hearing. What could it be? Most people associate ear infections with small children and tend to brush the symptoms off as signs of something else. (If you do have kids, teach them the importance of hand washing to help prevent ear infections.) Not to be overlooked is the fact that adults can get ear infections too.

Treating Hearing Loss in Your Child

Pediatric Otolaryngology

Having a child is incredibly exciting while also exhausting, and you practically hold your breath waiting to make sure that everything is okay. Hearing loss in children can become evident at birth or significantly later on, but whatever the case, it is difficult for parents and children alike. Hearing problems in children pose more problems than the assumed reduced hearing abilities, they also have a negative impact on development in young children.