Treating Hearing Loss in Your Child

Pediatric Otolaryngology

Having a child is incredibly exciting while also exhausting, and you practically hold your breath waiting to make sure that everything is okay. Hearing loss in children can become evident at birth or significantly later on, but whatever the case, it is difficult for parents and children alike. Hearing problems in children pose more problems than the assumed reduced hearing abilities, they also have a negative impact on development in young children. That is why a correct diagnosis is so important for children experiencing hearing loss.

Hearing Loss and Child Development

Our ability to hear gives us the daily opportunity to communicate information to our brains about the world around us. Hearing allows us to keep our balance and have a general knowledge of our spatial location in relation to other things. As a child, hearing is a huge component of learning and development. Because hearing impairments can have an emotional, social or intellectual impact on a child's development, it is important to be aware of any hearing impairments. It is especially difficult for children who are too young to express their ailment to their parents, so understanding the extent of the hearing loss is crucial.

Common Symptoms

The first indications of childhood hearing loss are when children do not respond to loud noises or seem to have difficulty recognizing conversation or following speech. Here are a few more symptoms you can be looking for:

  • Difficulty in hearing above the background noise in a room
  • Difficulty focusing on a conversation with multiple people talking
  • Complaints of buzzing or ringing in ears
  • Consistently asking others to slow down or repeat themselves
  • Problems with their own speech, often making short sounds and trailing off at the end

If you have concerns about one of your child's hearing, we are here for you and are ready to help. Please feel free to contact us today to set up an appointment.