Did Flying Cause Your Cold or Sinus Infection?

sneezing in the airport

Are you worried about getting a cold or sinus infection because of an upcoming trip? It's a commonly held belief that air travel leads to sickness, but is it true?

How to Tell if Your Child Has an Ear Infection

Child with Ear Infection

Ear infections are more common in children than adults, with five out of six children contracting an infection at least once before turning three. Colds and other issues can up the risk factors, causing a build-up of bacteria and a subsequent infection.


Since ear infections often occur in children who are not yet speaking, it's helpful to recognize the most common symptoms. Here's what parents can't look for before scheduling an appointment with their children's ear nose and throat doctor.

Flying Soon? Here's How to Avoid Catching a Cold

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In one study, researchers found that flight attendants who spent the most time in the air had higher incidences of sinus issues. While researchers didn't draw definitive conclusions from their study, the findings supported the wide-spread belief that air travel can be a cause of sinus-related illnesses and subsequent visits to an ENT doctor.

The most common reasons why you may get sick following air travel include:

3 Reasons Your ENT Doctor May Recommend a Tonsillectomy

doctor checking a child's tonsils

Has your child suffered from chronic throat infections, sleep apnea, or has difficulty with swallowing? Many parents wonder if a tonsillectomy is the next step. For some children, it brings much-needed relief and can drastically improve their quality of life.

Your Child's Healthy Tonsils

For most children, their healthy tonsils keep harmful viruses and bacteria from entering the body. Tonsils help activate immune system responses to fight off germs that could otherwise cause disease. Keeping healthy tonsils intact is always the best course of action.

How to Get Relief from Tinnitus Symptoms


Approximately a quarter of us experience some form of ringing or other noise in the ear at some time in our lives. Referred to by ENT professionals as tinnitus, the problem can be life-altering. Living with severe tinnitus can cause stress, difficulty sleeping, and impact the sufferer's quality of life.

Causes, Signs, and Treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea in Children

child sleeping with sleep apnea

Sleep apnea is a common disease that can affect all ages. Sleep apnea occurs when an obstruction in the upper airway disrupts breathing during sleep. Those afflicted may cease breathing for ten seconds or more. Snoring is the most common indication of obstructive sleep apnea.

Preparing for Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

woman getting facial reconstruction

Many of the standard surgery rules and recommendations apply when it comes to reconstructive or plastic surgery. But facial surgery has a few additional instructions as well. Your surgeon will cover all the necessary information leading up to the surgery itself, but we’ve compiled this list of some of the most common instructions so you can have an idea ahead of time.

Why Your Pediatric ENT May Recommend a Tonsillectomy

ent doctor examining a child patient

Your child's tonsils help protect them against germs, bacteria, and viruses. When these pathogens enter through your children's nose or mouth, the tonsils trap them and activate your child's immune system, helping the body to fight off the germs naturally.

3 Common Sinus Surgeries Performed by Your ENT Doctor

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Millions of people suffer from chronic sinus problems. When medication fails to provide more than short-term relief, surgery may be necessary. Your ENT doctor can perform both inpatient and outpatient surgical procedures for a variety of chronic sinus disorders.


Should You See an Audiologist at the First Sign of Hearing Loss?


Should you visit an audiologist or ENT doctor when you're experiencing hearing loss or pain in your ears? Here's why a visit to your an ENT (ear, nose, and throat) doctor should be your first step.