Specialized Care from Your ENT Doctor

ENT Doctor

A problem with your ears, your nose, or your throat may begin with a visit to your family physician or urgent care center. If the problem turns out to be more than routine, you may be referred to an ENT doctor.

What is an ENT Doctor?

ENT doctor is the commonly used term for physicians specializing in diseases or disorders of the ears, nose, or throat. Otolaryngology is the field of specialty, and it's the longest-standing of the medical specialty professions in the United States.

When Should I See an ENT Doctor?

Your family physician is your first line of defense for common ailments or conditions affecting your ears, nose, or throat. A referral to an ENT doctor may be required to deal with more serious issues. Here's a summary of some of the conditions that may require the expertise of an ENT doctor.

  • Allergies —Seasonal or environmental allergies can be the cause of a host of ear, nose, and throat problems. An ENT doctor can diagnose and provide treatment programs to alleviate allergy-related complications.
  • Breaks and injuries —An ENT doctor is trained to treat and repair trauma to the facial area and skull.
  • Hearing problems —ENT doctors and audiologists specialize in hearing-related problems like tinnitus and age-related hearing loss.
  • Sinus conditions —The common cold and allergies can both cause complications in the nasal and sinus cavity, and more serious conditions require treatment by an ENT doctor.
  • Sleep apnea —Chronic sleep apnea or snoring can have a serious impact on your health. A knowledgeable ENT doctor can diagnose and treat sleep-related breathing issues.
  • Swallowing or voice conditions —An ENT doctor can diagnose and treat conditions in the throat or larynx.

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